Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend photos (some from two years ago)

Caroline has ALWAYS loved outside.

Even as an itty bitty baby. (Reason for the two year old photo at the top)

Caroline is definitely a summer baby.

She loves wearing her bathing suit.

She loves being out in the sun.

She absolutely loves the water.

Last summer this was her favorite thing to do.

She would sit in that pool and splash and play all day.

When we went to the "big pool" she was content and happy to float around in her lilly pad float.

This year, she is a little more comfortable with the water.

"MOVE MOMMY! I DO IT! I DO IT!" she says.

She can do it all on her own... she thinks.

Friday Caroline enjoyed all of her favorite things... swimming, outside, and candy.

We went to KK and Jay's house to swim in "Jay's pool."

Dad has everything perfectly set up for her.

She has a beach ball.

She has a kick board (That she knows how to use. She figured it out on her own. We were amazed)

She has a noodle.

She has an Ariel that swims all by herself.

The pool is complete with Jay's skimmer and a tarp to keep over it.

Yes, you would think this was a glorious underground pool that Dad puts so much time into.

It's not but Caroline loves it just the same (Dad does too, I think.)

Anyway, KK gave Caroline a candy bracelet.

This is normally where my Dad would cut into the picture and tell Mom not to give her a candy bracelet right then because it would melt in the pool.

Well, Jay wasn't there and Caroline insisted she wear the bracelet in the pool.

Caroline ate the whole thing. I'm sure it was delicious with the yummy pool water.

She then decided to wanted Junior Mints.

Not just one... the WHOLE box!

After much argument, we just let her have the box.

This is where Dad would have had a heart attack.

"UH OH!" Caroline said.

The box was broken and Junior Mints were sinking to the bottom fast.


Caroline stuffed them in her mouth as hard as she could.

She looked at the box, looked at me with a mouth full of mints and said "BROKE!"

All Mom and I could do was laugh.

She probably gained at least 3 pounds from all the candy and pool water she ate.

At least the crazy chick had fun. :-)

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