Tuesday, August 26, 2008

She shuts down.

My wildchild.

My little animal.

My crazy, kicking, screaming, biting, pinching, hitting, sweet, beautiful baby girl.

When we go somewhere new... around new people... she shuts down.

She becomes this child that I do not know.

We went to a dress party a friend of mine was throwing.

SHOUT OUT TO DANA... Way cute dresses... Just Ducky... go ahead... you know you want to... click the link.. if you want to order, let me know and I can find out how you can order through her.

Anyway, Dana has a little girl that is three moths older than Caroline.

I thought she would have a ball playing with Alexis.

I thought she would walk right in her house and act like it was her own.

Nope. Shut down.

I had to hold her.

Imagine... 28 weeks preggers... holding 30 pounds of wild animal.


Anyway, Caroline has a nervous habit.

I bite my nails but Caroline chews on her whole hand.

Caroline gets nervous... she inserts her fingers into her mouth and chews.

So here I am... trying to spend money... trying to find a way-too-cute Christmas dress for my way-too-cute toddler.

The way-too-cute toddler that has her full hand inserted into her mouth.

She was being an eight month old in a two-year-old body.

How do you get children over this?

How do you make them be themselves around other people.

We were there for a little over an hour.

Caroline finally opened up and became herself at the very end of the visit.

It would just make it easier for us all if she would just be her normal outgoing self everywhere we went.

Not so much of the animal in her... the sweet, precious, playful Caroline. :-)

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