Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nights from hell.

Last night was terrible.

My child hates to sleep.

She whines.

She cries.

She scratches her legs till they bleed.

She whines.

She cries.

She scratches more.

I almost lost it last night.

Ryan did too.

He shot up from the bed.

Felt her pull-up.

It was wet.

He ripped it off.

Left her there... uncovered... naked as everything.

That left me to get up, go downstairs, get a pull-up, medicine for her legs, and pants to put on her now skinless legs.

After putting on a pull-up, medicine, and pants you would have thought she would have gone back to sleep.

Not Caroline.

Not the child that never sleeps.

I got up.

Yelled that I couldn't take it anymore.

Then I did it.

I took her to her bed.

She climbed the pink stairs to her nice, comfy big girl bed.

She looked at me with those sweet eyes.


So I laid down with her.

She was out in two minutes or less.

So that is it my friends.

I am putting my foot down with the husband.


I don't sleep very good already.

With her whining all night... it is worse.

Her room is two feet from our room.

Tonight, she will drink her bottle of V8 at her request (purple V8 this week).

She will fall asleep in the arms of her Daddy that she adores.

He will then take her up the stairs to the big, comfy, pink big girl bed that she needs to be in.

Pray for us.

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Belle said...

Oh mercy...good luck. We went through a terrible time with Lorelai back in the day. I woke up and told Hank that I'd had a strange dream...he said..."it wasn't a dream"...we'd been up so many times with her that about the seventh time when he said "you go" and I said "you go" back and forth about four times then I said "fine, I'll go" he got up saying "I'll go" and I said, "No I'LL GO" apparently I threw a box of tissues across the room at him as he walked out of the room. Sure enough it was not a dream...the tissue box was on the floor. It was insane!!! Good news gets better. Hang on!