Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rebel without a cause.

Caroline is in a horrible stage.

She will absolutely NOT listen to a word that we say.

Her new rebellious act: Taking her straps off in her car seat

You heard me!

This started about a month ago.

We got it under control by telling her that the police where going to pull us over.

She would get nervous and put her straps back on.

NOW... nothing works. She doesn't care about police.

Normal car situation:
Caroline: "Mommy LOOK!"

Me: "Caroline! Put those straps back on RIGHT NOW!"

Caroline: "NO!"

We battle for a few seconds. She just says NO over and over again. I will eventually have to turn around and put the straps back on her.

What am I going to do??

Sometimes I think that the chick has lost her mind.

I tell people she gets it from her Daddy. ;-)

~*PS- These pictures were taken when the car was in park today. Also know that I am not a terrible mother that lets her child ride around in her carseat in an unsafe way. We take immediate action when the straps come off.*~

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