Tuesday, August 12, 2008

She's coming and you better watch out!

The BOTTLE FAIRY is coming.

Today, I introduced the bottle fairy.

She is a beautiful fairy that comes and takes all of your bottles to babies all over the world.

You put all of your bottles in a beautiful box and leave it on the front porch. The bottle fairy will come pick them up and leave you a beautiful surprise.

Caroline sat quietly and listened as I explained this beautiful fairy.

I used the word BEAUTIFUL a lot.

She handed me her bottle.

Caroline: "Here go."

Mommy: "No baby. We don't have to give it to her today."

Caroline: "Baby Grey?" Speaking of Baby Greyson (Ry's brother's son)

Mommy: "Sure. The bottle fairy can take your old ba-bas to Grey. Grey is a baby and likes ba-bas."

Caroline: "NO! MINE!"

We have some work to do.

No, I'm not a terrible mother that introduced the bottle fairy today and is planning to take the bottles immediately.

I am going to help Caroline decorate a little bit of her box each day for a week or so.

I think that this is going to get her really interested in the whole fairy thing.

I plan on reading all types of fairy stories.

I could even pull out Caroline's fairy costume from Halloween.

She would love that.

Then in a few weeks, we will leave her bottles outside for the fairy to come pick up.

The bottles have gotten out of hand.

The crazy chick refused to drink her bottle last night (not that I am complaining) because it had milk in it and not V8.

We put V8 in it a few times and she is stuck on it. (Ok, NOW call me a bad mom)

Terrible on the teeth...I know.

Terrible for her stomach... I know.

I have realized that this is a problem.

Therefore, we are going to fix it.

Tonight was much better.

We didn't have to fight her.

She understood when we said NO V8 IN THE BOTTLE.

She drank milk and went right to sleep.

I just wish there was no bottle period.

We will keep you updated on this bottle situation.

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