Wednesday, August 20, 2008

She can't be the smelly kid.


No words can describe how strong-willed this chick is.

The past couple of days have been crazy in our house.

She has eczema on the back of each leg.

It looks terrible.

We have been putting a new cream on it and it seems to be working well.

However, Caroline scratches it uncontrollably at night in her sleep.

I know this because not only do I see the backs of her legs every morning... but she is STILL in the bed with us.

She wakes me up in the middle of the night because she is scratching so hard.


We have a little routine each night.

After Caroline's bath, she gets her medicine on the backs of her legs.

She puts on PJ pants.

She gets her bottle.

She sits with Daddy.

She goes to sleep.

This is NOT what happened the other night.

We went to KK and Jay's for a little while.

Caroline was dresses is a cute pink dress that she got for her birthday.

She took the dress off to put on her bathing suit.

She went swimming.

She had her bath in KK's big tub.

I had her PJ pants in her bag.

I put them on her.

Then the fighting began.

She insisted that she wear her pink polka dot dress home.

She took her PJ pants off and made KK put the dress back on her.

Ok... whatever.

I thought Daddy would be able to talk her into putting on her pretty PJ pants.


Once we got home, she insisted that we leave her alone.

We were not even allowed to act like we were going to touch the dress.

Fast forward 10 hours.

I go in the bedroom to wake Caroline up to go to school.

Yes, she still had the dress on.

The same dress she wore at school the day before.

The same dress she wore during dinner the night before.

The same dress she rolled around in the grass in all day long.

I woke her up.

We loved and kissed and sang.

I had her clothes laid out on the bed.

She looked at the clothes. She looked at me. She looked at the dress.


"Yes, Caroline. Let's put on her clothes so that you can go to school and play."


"You CANNOT wear that dress to school again today!"


What the heck!

I can't send my kid to school in the same outfit she wore the day before.

This is a kid that barely wears an outfit to school more than twice... EVER!

What am I going to do?

Take control Hailey. You are the parent.

So... I ripped the dress off the crazy kid that was screaming her head off.

She freaked.

I ignored her.

She was still freaking long after I got her dressed and came downstairs.

She was yelling "MOMMY MEAN!" the whole way to school.

It broke my heart.

What is a Mama to do?

I can't let my kid be the smelly kid at school, you know?

My sweet precious princess in a dirty pink dress

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