Friday, August 8, 2008

Dress up Friday.

I woke up this morning in a panic.

TODAY IS DRESS UP FRIDAY and I have nothing for Caroline to wear.

I meant to do all of this last night. However, plans change. I laid down in the bed and was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

Anyway, back to this morning.

I jumped out of bed.

Today is Career Day.


Could this be any harder?

I debated sending her to school.

She just loves dress up Fridays. She can show off her cool outfits.

What can C be for career day?

A princess? That would be easy. We could just throw on a crown and pretty dress.

NO! HATE IT! TERRIBLE IDEA! The first time someone touches her crown, she will lay down on the floor and kick and scream like any other princess in the world would do.

A nurse? I remember her having a little pair of pink scrubs like KK. Where did I put the stupid things though?

FOUND THEM! SIZE= NEWBORN. My 27 pound toddler could probably fit an arm in them. NEXT OPTION!

Farmer? Nope! No overalls.

I was out of options.

Therefore, my little baby princess went to school as a:

Yes. A UPS Girl. Complete with green shorts, pink crocs, and a crocked UPS visor.

You know what they say? WHAT CAN BROWN DO FOR YOU?

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