Thursday, August 28, 2008

Today's appointment with the Dr.

All is well in baby world.

This morning I drank the every disgusting orange glucola for my glucose test.

We all got into the car and went to the doctor.

I was anxious.

I felt bad.

I was hungry.

I was ready for the appointment to be over.

I got there.

I had forgotten my paperwork that I had filled out at home.

I had to do it again.

Caroline went with the hubby and I.

Not such a good idea.

She had flatulence (don't want to use another word) and let's just say I almost vomited in the waiting room and lots of people were looking I am sure.

With paperwork finished, they finally were able to take my blood.


I had my blood work done at the hospital Saturday. Don't take 1,000 more tubes from me again today.

They searched.

They called.

They ended up taking my freaking blood anyway.

"We will use it if we need it. It not, we will trash it."

Great... perfectly good blood... down the drain!

The appointment got better after that.

I was expecting to see my regular, wonderful doctor that I absolutely love.

However, as I sit on the table (in a state I will not describe) in bounces the doctor that took care of me at the hospital.

Remember, I had said I wanted to see him today but he said it was fine and to just see my regular doctor.

I was so glad to see him.

It makes you feel better to know that the doctor knows exactly what has been going on with you.

Anyway, long story short... everything was perfect.

Baby Girl Lafone has had lots of movement.

Her heart rate was good.

We got to see her sweet, precious face again today.

That always makes you feel better... hearing there little heartbeat and seeing them.

We had another ultrasound to measure my fluid.

My fluid was great.

I haven't dilated any... thank goodness.

All in all... we are doing wonderful!

To add to the list of greatness... I haven't gained that much weight. Especially not compared to how much I gained with Caroline. :-)

Afterwards as a treat, the husband took Caroline and I to Pizza Inn. I have been wanting pizza for two weeks now. Can you say YUM-O!

It is wonderful when your husband truly understands your pregnancy needs :-)

My spirits are better than previous days this week. I was worrying because that is just what I do. After the good news today (and the pizza) I am feeling much better. Keep us in your prayers. I will keep you updated.

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