Friday, August 29, 2008

I am triumphant.

The husband tried.

He tried to make Caroline stay in the bed with us last night.

We all went upstairs to bed... together.

Normally we will get her to sleep downstairs and then go to bed.

Not last night.

We all crawled in MY big, comfy king size bed.

Everyone rolled over to my side.

Caroline talked about Daddy going to work for about 30 minutes.

I had to go through his whole morning routine with her... 1,000 times!

Finally she decided it was time to stop talking.

She laid down on her Daddy's chest.

She went to sleep.

Daddy rolled over and plopped her on the bed right up against me.

"NOPE! Take her to her room. She is sleeping in her bed."

He just rolled over as if I wasn't even talking.


I pulled the 30 pound toddler to her room, put her in her bed... where she slept all night.

I didn't hear her once.

Until this morning when she yelled MOMMY at 7:45 because her pull-up had leaked.

Smart little thing was already taking her sheets off of the bed when I got in there.

Sleeping and cleaning up... I am VICTORIOUS!


Caroline napping the other day... after a long, hard battle.

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