Monday, August 11, 2008

New adventure.

As I finish eating my morning bagel and glass of orange juice, I look at the day ahead in fear.

Today is...

ORGANIZATION day in the Lafone house.

You heard me.

Hailey is cleaning today.

I know this comes as a surprise to most of you.

I hate cleaning.

Nothing in my house is organized.

Do I look like a person that organizes her spices? I THINK NOT! We found the black pepper in the refrigerator a few nights ago.

My house is what some would call... chaotic.

VERY chaotic.

So today is the day I am making a difference.

Clothes and shoes are EVERYWHERE!

This "day" may turn into a "week".

We will see.

It is not even 10 am.

Caroline is at school.

Ryan isn't home from work yet.

I have the house all to myself.

I have a mixed CD with everything from Prince to Carrie Underwood.

Let the cleaning and organizing begin!

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