Saturday, August 9, 2008

Terrible twos vs. Root Canal

Caroline has been in her terrible twos for quite some time now. (Even though she just turned two.)

It has been a roller coaster.

One minute she makes me laugh my head off.

The next, I want to pull my hair out with frustration.

She is what some would call.... a button pusher.

Today has been a day from terrible-two hell! (Excuse the language. No other word fit in that spot. I have debated this statement for 5 minutes... can't find another word... I'm over it and I am going to use the word hell)

I started this blog this morning.

I wrote the first sentence as I was being beat in the head with a pool noodle (you know... the long tube thing kids swim with).

I hit the period button just as Caroline was saying, "GOTTA TEE-TEE!"

We took off to the potty.

She sat there for two seconds and she was up.

I typed another word.

Word finished... "MOMMY! TEE-TEE!!!"

She did this about 6 times before ACTUALLY tee-teeing in the potty.

I was about to LOSE it.

Fast forward 30 minutes... LUNCH TIME.

Caroline requested ABC's 123's.


No cooking involved. Just a little microwave action. My favorite.

By the end of lunch, Caroline was screaming because she wanted to lay on the table... on her belly... and eat out of her bowl like a dog!


Fast forward 45 minutes... NAP TIME.

Thank the good Lord above for naps. (Even if they are a battle)

Caroline decides she would like for me to lay in the bed with her.

She has her bottle (yes, the chick still has a bottle. call me a bad mom... I don't care... this is a whole other blog I will save for later) she has MY pillow and MY blanket. (When you become a mom you don't have anything anymore. Nothing is yours. You just have to get over it.)

She is almost asleep and I am laying very still thanking God for allowing her to fall asleep so easy.

"AMEN," I am thinking.

An awful noise comes from Ryan's side of the bed.

As I finished my prayer, Caroline sat straight up and threw up all over the bed.


She was drinking a bottle?!

Who knows?

I guess she was just too full.

Thank you.

God is testing me today.







Fast forward 30 minutes... the HUSBAND is home.

Caroline is ecstatic to see her daddy.

There is no way this chick is going to lay down and go to sleep now.

Thanks dude.

So much for Caroline napping early.

So much for me cleaning the house.

So much for me having five seconds of Hailey time to catch up on the real world.

Sometimes I think having a root canal would be better than some of my days.

PS- It is now a little after 2pm, my blog is finished, there are clothes in the washer and dryer, dishes in the dishwasher... I am going to pick up toys and then I am going to sit down and do absolutely NOTHING while the husband and wild child sleep. The day is looking up already. :-)

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