Monday, August 25, 2008

It's been a long weekend.

Our weekends are normally low-key.

We don't do much of anything.

We lay around.

Spend time together.

All in all... we do nothing.

This weekend wasn't one of those weekends.

It began great.

Ryan's brother and his family were here from Mooresville.

We spent time with them at his Mom's house Friday night.

We had plans to go to the Watermelon Festival in Winterville Saturday morning.

Saturday morning started normal enough.

I couldn't sleep... as usual.

I got up and checked Google Reader.

I read new blogs.

I decided I was hungry and wanted cereal.

Open refrigerator... NO MILK.

I hopped in the car and went to my Mom's and got some.

After eating my huge bowl of cereal I went to wake Caroline to feed her and get her dressed.

Like I said, it was a normal morning.

Normal until, we woke Ryan up and blood came gushing out of me. (Sorry so graphic. Don't know how else to describe it.)

I freaked.

Ryan freaked.

We jumped in the car and went to the hospital.

Mom was working so she had already informed Dr. and nurses in labor and delivery that I was coming and what to expect when I got there.

Long story short... it is Monday at 12. We have been at home for a few hours.

It was been a long terrible weekend.

Lots of medicine.

Lots of needles.

Baby girl Lafone is doing fine though.

Dr. just thinks it was all cervical bleeding.

He kept a close eye on me through the weekend because I was having a few contractions.

To me... they felt like Baby girl was just balling up in my stomach and it gets really tight.

I haven't been in any pain.

I haven't had any cramping.

Now we are just thanking God for looking over me and Baby Girl.

I have not dilated any.

My water bag has not ruptured.

No placenta previa or placental abruption.

Baby Girl's heart rate is great.

Dr. estimates her weight to be about 2 pounds 8 ounces.

I have had two shots of steroids for Baby Girls lungs just in case she decides to come early (it doesn't look like it... but just in case).

I will get another steroid shot next week too.

My nurse that took care of me yesterday had her baby at 31 weeks. She had two shots of this steroid and her baby was only on the lowest dose of oxygen for a day... AT 31 WEEKS. So really, the more of this shot I get... the better.

I had an appointment for Thursday for my sugar testing.

I am keeping that appointment. Dr. said there was no need to see me before then unless something happens.

I will have another ultrasound Thursday.

She will measure my fluid again to make sure there isn't a slow leak.

After many cultures and 4 ultrasounds there seems to be no leak but again Dr. wants to be on the safe side.

Ok... that was lots of information.

I don't know if I have forgotten anything.

I am sure I have.

However, I just want everyone to know that Baby Girl Lafone and I are doing well. Caroline is doing great. Ryan is too.

Just keep us all in your prayers.

I will keep you updated.

PS- When Dr. did my ultrasound Saturday morning, my estimated due date was November 12 (Lesley's birthday). I don't know if I have said before but at first they told me November 17. We will have to wait and see. Just pray all goes well until November. :-)

Another PS- When Dr. did my ultrasound Saturday morning, he measured and looked around. He was trying to calm us all down from a hectic morning. We got to see a GREAT picture of Baby Girl's face. She looked at us and put her hands together. Then she yawned. All the commotion of the morning and there sits my Baby Girl... yawning. It was like she was "What is all this commotion about?" It was precious. It made us all feel better. Another plus is that maybe this little one will be laid back. :-)

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