Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Dipping queen.

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I have always loved ketchup and ranch dressing.

I eat it on just about everything.

I can eat about two packets of ketchup per french fry.

I eat so much ranch dressing on my salad that it is practically soup.

However, my Caroline is FAR worse than I ever thought about being.

She loves all types of dips.

Ketchup. "Yummmm" she says.

Mustard. "MMMMM. GOOD" she says.

BBQ sauce, honey mustard, ranch dressing, italian dressing... you name it, she loves it. The chick has even eaten Texas Pete with her chicken.

Today we had a girls lunch with Jordan, Arrin, and Addison.

We went to Pizza Villa.

It's one of our favorite places to eat.

On today's lunch menu:
Mommy- Salad and pizza crackers
Caroline- cubed ham, ranch, pizza crackers, ranch, pineapple, ranch, cheese, ranch, cucumbers, ranch and more ranch.

I have to admit, Pizza Villa is known for its FABULOUS ranch dressing.

It is the best ranch dressing you will ever put in your mouth.

Believe me... I know my ranch dressing.

Caroline was a bit extreme with her intake of ranch.

I was scared she was going to throw up.

The girl was drinking the stuff.

I guess this is her addiction. Ranch dressing.

I wonder if there is a ranch dressing anonymous. :-)

Caroline would be first in line to attend.

Most kids will not touch any of these condiments.

My child loves them.

She just loves food in general. It's a passion that she has always had.

I guess it is partially my fault.

I began feeding her rice cereal from a spoon at four weeks old.

She has loved everything she has put in her mouth ever since.

Poor little thing is always starved to death. ;-)

PS- She ate so much dinner last night that she threw up. I think she had a total of two dinners. She then wanted a big cup of what she calls "Daddy's juice". It's that new V8 and she loves it. She had a whole cup of V8. It sent her belly overboard and she decided to blow chucks all over Ryan and I. She then cried for more food. She is never going to learn. :-)

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