Sunday, August 3, 2008

Evel Knievel Lafone

A daredevil may be defined as "One who engages in exciting, risky pursuits."

Enter Caroline.

She is going to be a little daredevil. She loves to push limits.

Caroline: "Mommy, look!"

Me: Turn around to see Caroline standing on the back of the couch.
"CAROLINE!! Be careful!"

Caroline: "NO MOMMY!" (As she continues to do the Soulja Boy on the back of the couch.)

She loves to climb. She has a skill of ALWAYS picking the dangerous items in the house to climb on.

A few nights ago we were sitting at the dinner table. Caroline and I had finished dinner but we were sitting with Ryan while he finished. Caroline decided to climb on the table.

Caroline: "LOOK MOMMY!"

Me: "Caroline get down from there! You are going to fall and hurt yourself."

Caroline: "Hurt toe?" (Points to her little baby toes.)

Me: "Maybe! Get down!"

Caroline: "NO MOMMY!"

For the record:
I removed her from the top of the table. However in the process, she decided she had to tee-tee and would do that all over me and the table. Fabulous!

She is invincible. Just like her Dad. Nothing bad is ever going to happen. She just enjoys showing off her amazing talent of standing on the table, back of the couch, chair arm, rocking chair, etc.

However, she is a DRAMA QUEEN when she gets hurt.

A few nights ago we were watching TV and having quiet family time together. I walked to the kitchen to get Caroline's milk. She decided to run after me and tripped over the fan. Her hand hit the wall. There was a little nail sticking out and the flat part of the nail cut her hand. The sight of blood just freaked her out completely! She would not move from her daddy's lap for ANY reason. I brought her a warm wash cloth to put on it. Ryan wrapped it around her hand and held it with a little pressure to stop the bleeding. Fast forward 30 minutes... Ryan and Caroline were still in the chair... Caroline crying... wash cloth was FREEZING... she will NOT allow anyone to so much as look at her hand... much less let her Daddy remove the cold wash cloth. She drank her milk and eventually fell asleep with her Daddy still holding her hand.

I went to put her in bed and she held her hand in the same position all night!

The next day Ryan fixed the nail with Caroline curiously watching. We then had to talk about that little nail and her accident for a week.

Every time she gets hurt... I think she gets more dramatic. That is what I get for doing the same thing to my Mom. I was so dramatic that she had to hold me down to brush my hair. I thought EVERYTHING hurt. I would scream over the smallest things. You know what they say about pay back!

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers as we get through the terrible-twos. I believe Caroline is going to take us on a WILD ride.

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