Monday, August 18, 2008

Say no to crack.

You would think she was a big, fat, sweaty truck driver that can't keep his pants up.

She's not.

She is a sweet, delicate flower...


Who am I kidding?

There is nothing delicate about Caroline.

She is what some would call... aggressive.

Aggressive... and she likes to let her crack hang out.

I have to admit, the chick has done wonderful with potty training.

When she is at home she only wears pull-ups to bed.

The rest of the time she has on "big girl pants."

She hates clothes... so most of the time she just has on her "big girl pants."

This is where our problem comes into play.

Recently she has been pulling just the back of her "big girl pants" down to reveal the cutest little crack you have ever seen.

She walks around like this.

All you see is crack.

We have friends over for dinner... she doesn't care. She rips them down.

The president could be here for dinner... she wouldn't care. She would rip them down.

(I don't know if he would be more shocked by a crack kid OR the fact that the crack kid sometimes lays on the table and eats like an animal.)

She likes to let it all hang out.

What do you do?

It makes me wonder though.

Why do you think she just likes to reveal her backside?

Why doesn't she just get naked?

Then I could call her "naked baby" and not "crack baby."

In conclusion, I will leave you with this picture.

~NOTE: I haven't taken any pictures of Caroline letting it all hang out. I don't want her to grow up living a normal life only to realize her crazy mama posted a picture of her crack online when she was two. It may cause her to need some sort of therapy.

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