Friday, August 22, 2008

Foto Friday.

Most mommy bloggers have Wordless Wednesday.

They post a picture and that is it.

I cannot leave a blog wordless.

So, I have decided to do a Foto Friday.

"Foto" instead of "photo" for alliteration purposes. It is just more cute.

I think this is going to replace our Weekend Photo section of the blog.

Again, the title is more cute.

So, for our first Foto Friday...

Caroline was caught!

I walked out of the kitchen the other night for two seconds and came back to find this.

Caroline grabbed a tomato and was eating it like an apple.

I think this is weird.

She gets it from her Daddy though.

I think they are going to turn into tomoatoes and cucumbers this summer.

I don't know who eats more... Ryan or Caroline.

Anyway, it made her Daddy proud.

However, she began to scream when he asked her if he could wash it off.


"Caroline it is dirty. It has been outside in the dirt."

He tried taking it from her.


She kept eating.

Oh well!

God made dirt... dirt won't hurt.

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