Friday, August 22, 2008

Dress up Friday.

~This is the second post for today. Sorry! I have a lot to share this morning! :-)

Today is Caroline's last day of school.

We wanted her finish the summer out even though I am done with school.

Now she will be at home with Mommy.

We have lots of fun things planned before Baby Sister gets here.

I found a cute at-home preschool program online that I am going to do with Caroline.

We will find other activities to do for socialization.

If you live in our area and know of anything, let me know. :-)

Anyway, they are having an end of summer luau today at two.

Caroline got to wear her Hawaiian get-up.

Complete with a shell lei, flower lei, hair flower, cute cotton bikini top and grass skirt.

I always take pictures as we are walking out of the door.

Ryan hates that our front door is always the background for these pictures.

So sorry!

Anyway, Caroline wouldn't look at the camera this morning.

But, wasn't she a cutie?

I will take some better pictures at the luau this afternoon.

I will post them some time tonight.

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