Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Baby names on the brain.

~*Before you read... I want to apologize to anyone that I offend in this blog. I am venting and really am not writing to hurt anyone's feelings. All names are beautiful and special in there own way.*~


"What, Caroline?"


This was Caroline's response when we asked her what baby sister's name should be.

Ryan and I just can't think of a name we truly love.

Caroline's name was easy for us.

I loved Caroline.

He loved Tyler.

Caroline Tyler is her name.

This time around has been more difficult.

I loved the name Emerson. Ryan hated it.

I loved the name Emilyne. Ryan said nope. However, it is still being debated.

What are his list of names you ask?

Where do I begin?


One of his names was Fiona.

YES... you heard me! Like Shrek's wife... FIONA.

I threw up in my mouth a little trying to say it.

Sorry to the Fionas out there. It just isn't my favorite name. I think of an ogress (that is a female ogre).


Yes. Frances.

I think he was just messing with me.

I hope he was anyway.

I think of a grandma with a little bun with a three foot long cigarette hanging out of her mouth and a vicious dog in her lap.


Frances is not the name... I am sure.

His list of names got a little better.


That is a decent name.

I almost liked it as a middle name.

I sometimes think of a dog when I say it aloud though.

It isn't the greatest.

I can't even remember the other names that he has thought of.

It seems like each one is more horrible than the next.

Like I said though... I am stuck.

I can't think of any names either.

So... I have officially decided Baby Girl Lafone's name.

Ryan doesn't even know that I have decided on a name yet.

This is the first official announcement. Baby Girl Lafone's name is..

Two Lafone.

Say it again. Two Lafone.

It has a ring.

Better than anything else we've thought of.

Good work, Caroline.

You've made baby sister proud.

~*I am only kidding. We will let you know when we decide something. Feel free to leave us a comment with a baby name that you think is GREAT. Please no Fionas or Frances'. Thank you.*~


Kash said...

So cute, and boy, from personal experience being the #2, Caroline will never let her baby sister forget that! I have heard the name Fiona is making a comeback along with other older names like Amelia. Good luck! Even though I don't have kids, my girl name list is a quarter as long as my boys. What is it with girls names that is so hard?

Dana said...

I love Emilyne it was on our list when we had Lexi and still may be a possibilty for the next, so I would have to say that is my fav! Don't forget about Thursday night!