Saturday, August 23, 2008

The floatees have GOT to go.

~Somehow this blog showed up on Google Reader that it was posted Thursday, August 21st. Anyway, it wasn't suppose to post until today. If this is your second time reading it, I am extremely sorry.

We went to the pool.

Just me and C.

I love the pool.

As a child, I lived there.

I spent my high school years working out there everyday. (I was a lifequard)

The pool is my second home.

The one thing I cannot stand is for a kid to cry at the pool.

It takes everything inside of me not to pick a scared kid up off of the steps and throw them into the deep end and yell "SINK OR SWIM!"

It is harsh... I know.

If you are scared of the water that is fine.

I understand.

I know lots of people that are scared to death of the water.

However, they don't sit in the pool, on the step, screaming bloody murder because they don't like the water.

Anyway... back to the topic at hand.

My kid... my wildchild... my princess... my waterbug... has become WAY to attached to her floatees.

We were having a wonderful time at the pool.

She was making friends with a little girl named Sarah.

She was splashing.

She was blowing bubbles.

Then it happened.

She threw a ball.

She wanted to get off of the steps.

I grabbed her and held her to swim and get the ball.

The child screamed bloody murder wanting those stupid floatees.


I took her back to the steps with the ball in her hand.

She stopped screaming and continued to play.

Then she threw the ball out in the deeper water again.

"I get it!" she said.

Once again, she screamed bloody murder when I picked her up.


"Caroline, you are fine. Mommy has got you."


I was getting angry.

My kid was the screaming kid at the pool.

The scared screaming kid that wants stupid arm floatees.

I looked at her.

She looked at her.

Then I did it.

I picked up the floatees and threw them into the middle of the pool.

"If you want them... you have to swim to get them."

The screams continued.


I picked her up to hold her.

I calmed her down.

We swam out to the middle of the pool together to get the stupid floatees.

She put them on her arms.

She was happy.

She got back to the steps... took the floatees off... looked at me and said, "Mommy. Mean."


She only used the floatees one more time after that.

But she knew. She knew she had defeated me.


I've got your number kid.

Next time we take a trip to the pool, "Mean Mommy" is leaving the floatees at home.



I will break the habit one way or another.

The floatees have GOT to go!

Yours Truly,

"Look at Mommy!" ~Me "NO!" ~Caroline

"Hey! Look at Mommy!" ~Me "NO!" ~Caroline

"HA! I caught you... you little turkey nugget!" ~Me "NO!" ~Caroline

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amanda said...

oh that is just too funny!!

way to go mean mommy :)