Saturday, August 16, 2008

20 things you may or may not know about Caroline.

Since this is my 20th post, I decided to make a list of 20 things you may or may not know about Caroline.

1. Her favorite color is blue. If you ask her to tell you what color something is "blue" is always her first answer.

2. She has a hermit crab named Blue. No, I haven't killed him yet.

3. She loves boats.

4. She loves the beach.

5. She loves to talk about fish and eat them... but she will NOT touch them.

6. She will pick up a half eaten mole that the dog has been chewing on.

7. We have realized she will pick up a dead bug but will not touch one that is alive.

8. She loves cucumbers. She will eat a whole one. Her favorite is when we put Italian dressing all over them.

9. She loves tomatoes but really only eats them in the summer.

10. She chick loves fresh peaches. I think she even ate the skin one time because I wasn't cutting fast enough.

11. She wants her Daddy when she goes to sleep.

12. She loves bags... mostly ziplock bags. If she comes to your house, she will ask to take home food in a bag.

13. She loves being outside.

14. She isn't very interested in dogs. She doesn't like them near her.

15. She enjoys Barney... this is really the only thing she will watch.

16. She loves to sing.

17. She loves to read.

18. She wants my pillow and my blanket when she falls asleep because she knows it bothers me.

19. She grits her teeth.

20. She fake cries to get attention.

I could keep going and going. Maybe for my 50th post I will do 50 more things you may or may not know about Caroline.

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