Friday, August 15, 2008

Dress up Friday.

Today was dress up Friday at Caroline's school again.

One more dress up Friday to go after today.

Today's theme: CLOWNS

I dressed Caroline is the best clown outfit I could find.

She wore a blue clown wig that I wore in a dance recital in first grade.

That was 16 years ago (for those of you trying to do the math).

Although the wig was a little on the smashed side, I think my princess looked adorable.

She was very excited about today.

We walked into the two class and only Caroline and one other little boy had dressed up.

The teachers were putting paper hats on the other kids.

It seems like I am the only parent that participates.

Oh well.

Here are pictures of my wild girl.

Sorry about Caroline's silly faces in these pictures. They have been talking about clowns and silly faces at school this week. I guess these are her silly smiles/faces.

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