Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My perfect world.

As parents, we make thousands of mistakes.

We look back and say, "Why the heck did we do that?"

After I had Caroline everyone said, "DON'T ever put her in the bed with you."

Of course, we didn't listen.

For two years, Caroline has slept in the bed with us.

Go ahead. Judge me. I don't care.

It was absolutely wonderful in the beginning.

It was so nice when she wanted to eat every two hours and I didn't even have to get up out of the bed.

It was so nice to have a sweet smelling baby beside me all night.

It was wonderful waking up to her beautiful little face.

She was the best snuggle partner.

Ryan and I both HATE snuggling. However, when it came to sweet, precious Caroline we fought over who got to cuddle with her.

Fast forward... two years.


She kicks.

She whines all night.

She grits her teeth.

She pulls hair.

Did I mention the kicking?

We went from a full size bed to a king about a year and a half ago.

Thank God for king size beds.

Caroline take up 3/4 of it.

You heard me... she is CRAZY.

My sweet, precious, peaceful sleeping Caroline has become a horrible sleeper.

Don't get me wrong, she has ALWAYS hated sleeping.

However, she is BIGGER now and much more difficult to deal with.

Ryan swears he doesn't mind her sleeping in the bed.

This is because she is all over ME.

I sleep on the edge every night.

Do you know that saying... "Sleep with one foot on the floor."

Seriously, I sometimes do.

During my nightime prayers, I have to ask God to help me maintain my balance on the edge of the bed.

Her being in the bed is only one half of the problem.

We have never just laid her down to go to sleep.

Some parents make it look so easy.

They just lay their baby in the crib and the baby drifts off to sleep.

We always hold her or lay with her to get her to sleep.

How nice it would be to simply lay her in her big girl bed, kiss her goodnight, and leave the room.

Only in my perfect world would she actually fall asleep.

Only in my perfect world would she sleep soundly through the night.

Only in my perfect world would I have just put her in her crib like everyone told me to do!

Mary George, CRAZY WILDCHILD and Aunt Anna

1 comment:

Wendi said...

Love your blog Hailey!
So cute.
I am in the same baby-in-the-bed-with-me club.
He is four now.
We still have to lay down with him or rock him to sleep.
No just putting him down...oh no!
Now when he wakes up he quietly comes and gets in the bed with us.
That part is much better.
I wish I had some incredible advice for you...but I am in the same awkward spot!
Caroline aka wildchild is so adorable in her little bikini!!!