Friday, July 13, 2012

I found it.

Yesterday was a rat race.

We had no where in particular to go.

We had story time at 11:00 but other than that we had no plans.

I did my motherly duty at story time on the floor while children tried to crawl up my vagina.

I took it in stride though... with a smile on my face (for the most part).

I even stopped by my MIL's work for the girls to show off their newly painted t-shirts per their request.

We came home and I started cleaning.

Caroline lost her DS a few days ago and I have slowly turned the house upside down looking for it.

I was tackling one major area at a time.

Linen closest one day, Caroline's closest one day, under my bed one day etc.

Today, I was tackling the catch-all black chest of drawers in our entryway.

God help me.

The good news, I was only stabbed by two pencils and now have glitter from Christmas permantly stuck to my scalp for the next 2 weeks.

The bad news, still no DS.

I started to panic.

Everyone was already blaming me for it being gone.

Caroline told everyone I lost it.

She said that she saw me with it last.  She said I put it in her baskets and now it was GONE.  I am clearly the "worst mom EVERRR".

Iron Man agreed it was my fault.  He thought that I shouldn't allow an almost 6 year old to keep up with her own DS. *insert eye roll and double middle finger*

With the world against me, I made phone calls to every family member we had been to see begging them to turn their houses upside down looking for it too.

They all kindly agreed.

In the meantime, Caroline begins to tell everyone that I have taken her DS back to Walmart.



Anyway, back to yesterday.  I was cleaning and found no DS.  My house looked like a disaster dispite all my cleaning.

I walked into Caroline's room and collasped on the floor.

I was alone and I wanted it to stay that way.

I wanted to have a meltdown.

I felt so defeated.

Defeated by a 5 year old, by Iron Man, by life in general yesterday.

I started crying pretty uncontrollably while pretending to put DVDs back Caroline's the wire tower thing in case a little person walked in.  I was really just hiding myself from the world.  Tucked neatly between a full size bed and a TV armoire, I was a big ball of hot mess.

I laid my head down for a minute and in between wiping the snot from my face and a gigantic tear from my ear, I caught a glimpse of something aqua.

Could it be?

I had cleaned from under Caroline's bed though.  It couldn't be.

I threw the mattress to the side and low and behold... I found it.

Just when I had given up, I found it.

I thanked God and then I patted myself on the back.

I wiped the tears away.

I pulled myself together and was on top of the world... until my children started hitting and fighting again.

But at last the DS is safe and sound in its hot pink case.


Ashley said...

I am SO glad you found it. Sometimes, us moms, we need to go in a room, lock it, and sit by ourselves for just a minute.

Kari said...

Happy you found it! Awesome!