Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Random BS

1.  No one has told me about this Wholly Guacamole Dog at Sonic.  Rude!

According to the web it is "a grilled premium beef hot dog topped with Wholly Guacamole brand guacamole, pepper jack cheese, tomatoes, jalapeños, onion and finished with zesty cheese sauce in a warm, poppy seed bun."  Heaven in a poppy seed bun.  Has anyone tried it yet?  Wholly Guacamole is one of my lovers.

2.  Is it weird that I just bought Sister Hazel's acoustic album Before the Amplifiers for the first time?  Why did I wait so long?  Best album known to man.  Champagne High and Swan Dive are possibly two of my favorite songs of all time.

3.  Despicable Me is possibly one of the best movies I've ever seen.  Seriously.  I loved it more than the children.  Pharrell Williams' Despicable Me is my new theme song.

I'm having a bad, bad day

It's about time that I get my way

Steam rolling whatever I see, huh
Despicable me

I’m having a bad, bad day
If you take it personal that's ok,
Watch this is so fun to see, huh
Despicable me

You are welcome.  Now, you will have it stuck in your head all day.

4.  Did you know that I have been into almost every public restroom in Eastern NC?  I have.  I can also verify the fact that Goldsboro, NC has their first Dyson AirBlade in the Bojangles bathroom on Spence.  I was pretty impressed with that find today.

5.  I brought juice bags and gummies into the movie today.  Sue me.  It was the first time I've ever done that and I felt like just a rule breaker.  I loved it.

6.  I am behind on PAD.  I just posted for the 9th.  Be sure to check it out.



Shayna said...

I absolutely l o v e despicable me and can't wait forte sequel to hit theatres!!

Shayna said...

Grrrr to auto correct. That should say *for the...