Monday, July 16, 2012

Foodie Travels

We went to the coast this weekend.

Going there involves two things... sand and good eats.

We are always on the prowl for awesome food.

Morehead City is a hub for awesome food.

We decided on City Kitchen.

It has been open for a little over a year.

**Note: Make reservations.  It is always full.

We never make reservations because we always decide at the last minute where we want to eat.  We will learn one day ;-)

We were able to slide in and get a table.  As luck would have it, they had a reservation cancellation.  It happened that the table was outside on the front front which made for a great atmosphere.  Score one of us.

If we could have ordered one of everything, we would have.  Everything on the menu looks delicious!

We started with the Baked Oysters.  I am NOT a fan of oysters but something about a baked oyster is amazing.  Especially when it is topped with super yumminess.  These were topped with creamed collards and onion-bacon jam.  Talk about awesome?!

Iron Man went for the special which was fresh grouper.  The owner told us that her husband (the chef) is super picky about the fish he gets.  If it isn't to his liking, he will send it back.  He only gets the best.  Good for the customer.  The grouper was fried and laying on a bed of fresh butter beans.  It was topped with a roasted corn salsa and some sort of cajun mayo.  They had a name for it which I clearly forgot.  It was also served with a bed of jasmine rice.  Jasmine rice + seafood= awesome.

Sister went with us.  She is not a big eater.  She is super picky.  For example, she order pizza with NO sauce on it.  You heard me.  Just crust, cheese, and pepperoni.  Anyway, she ordered the Pimento Cheese appetizer as her meal.  It was made with Vermont cheddar and roasted red peppers.  It was served with crostinis.  It was awesome too.  I am picky about pimento cheese.  This was very good.

I had a very awesome meal.  I chose the Black-eyed Pea Cake.  It is similar to a crab cake only with no crab.  Black-eyed peas are in the place of crab.  It was to die for.  It was served on a bed of bacon-braised collards with a spicy tomato sauce which was like Heaven in a bowl.

On top of amazing food, drinks flowed.  Ryan had a few Fat Tires and Anna had a margarita which was delicious.  I opted for water being that I was the DD for the night.

Being that we got a table was awesome enough for us.  Then our waiter offered us a dessert.  He explained it to us and said it was like their "specialty" dessert.  It was an English dessert that they made a batch at the beginning of the week.  He said once they ran out, they didn't make anymore for the week.  He also explained that when people call and make their reservations, they also go ahead and reserve this dessert.  It just so happened that the party that cancelled and gave us a table had reserved two desserts.  SCORE ANOTHER ONE FOR US!  We jumped on it.  He brought us all spoons and we sat patiently waiting for what we would soon find out to be the best dessert of our lives.  It was a warm sticky toffee pudding made with purreed dates.  The little, light dollop of whipped cream on topped with a sprig of mint finished the dish off.  Ahhhh-mazing with a capital A.

All in all, City Kitchen is awesome.  The people are great and the food is amazing.

So, the next time you are in Morehead call and make a reservation to eat there.  You can thank me later.

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Ashley said...

We're going in a few weeks!! Can't wait.