Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Iron Man

I am not a morning person.

I didn't think I married a morning person either.

I think my husband is just happy that he actually wakes up with normal people at normal times now.

With that said, he loves to wake somebody up.

Now that he works normal hours, he thinks the whole world is suppose to wake at 7:30am.

I always forget to wash his uniforms.

He only has TWO uniforms, so I am constantly washing them.

He also requires them to be ironed.

His job does NOT require that.

Ryan does.

" Have you washed my uniform for tomorrow?"

"*Cuss* NO!  I'll have it ready in the morning.  Promise."

He rolls his eyes knowing that it is an unfulfilled promise.

"Be sure to iron it."


I stay up to wash and dry the unifrom.

Ironing... not so much.

I have tried waiting for it to finish drying.  I will throw it on a hanger.  It always looks good to me.  Oh no, crazy-iron-man knows that it hasn't been ironed.

He wakes me bright and early in the morning by thumping my foot, "Where's my unifrom?"

He acts as if he doesn't know that it is in the dryer.

I ignore him every morning and close my eyes again wishing the crazy-iron-man will go away.

He walks out of the bathroom and thumps me on the foot again.

"*cuss words*"

Every morning, I roll out of bed and iron that stupid uniform.

I can now iron with my eyes closed.

I am serious.

Another thing, it is NOT necessary to have a neatly pressed uniform.

Neatly pressed clothing is so overrated.

What a waste.

So this morning, as I was crawling back in bed and choking on the excessive amount of hair spray fumes coming from the bathroom, I saw the biggest wasp I've ever seen in my window.

I choked a small scream and Mr. I-need-a-neatly-pressed-uniform-and-too-much-hair-spray rushed in rolling his eyes.

He said a few cuss words (welcome to my world) about how I hide the fly flap from him and he can NEVER find it when he needs it... after my damsel in destress (aka too tired to kill the stupid wasp myself) act, my knight and shining armor swooped in with a red fly flap and saved me from death.

All the while, he stayed neatly hair sprayed and pressed.


What a stud.

So now, I refer to him as my hero... Iron Man.

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