Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bible School

Today the girls are sitting on the bed pretending to fly to China.


I wonder where they think China is.  I wonder what they think they would see in China.

Their imaginations are amazing.

Midflight to China, they heard me turn on the bathtub. Their flight was cut short and they were both following me to the bathroom, not letting me get too far out of their sight.

They were both on edge.

We have been preparing them all weekend for tonight.

I let them know that I would be leaving them at Bible school at our church.

There were tears.

There were screams.

There were meltdowns.

China?  That would NEVER happen.  They can't even let me shave my legs without sitting right beside the bathtub.

China?  Psh!  They are having a meltdown about BIBLE SCHOOL!!

The time came.

Emma immediately started crying because I was walking too fast for her to catch up to me.

Caroline cried because I left her in the sanctuary with MG (our 11 year old cousin).  I made a quick exit just before clawing my eyeballs out.

Emma was clinging to me for dear life... literally.

I pried her off of me and ran out the door leaving her with my aunt to deal with.

These sort of situations go much more smoothly if I am not involved.

I felt like such a crappy mom but it was the perfect opportunity to leave them and possibly kick this separation anxiety in the ass.

I was back at church a whole hour early to pick them up.

I was armed with their new American Girl dolls.  Peace offerings, if you will.

I slowly crept around the church watching them.

Then they saw me.

I stopped dead in my tracks.

Oh man.

It's over, I thought to myself.  They have seen me and they are going to want to crawl up inside of me and never let me leave again!

They didn't.

Did you hear me?


They stayed in their line and followed their class to music.

I had to literally pick my mouth off of the floor.

I couldn't believe it.

I was so proud.

They started the day off going to China, a feat I felt they would never accomplish.

They ended the day going to Bible school all by themselves.

That is as big as going to China in my eyes.

Way to go girls!  We are so very proud of you!

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