Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tennis went great!

Ryan woke Caroline up this morning.

It is his favorite thing to do.

He kisses the girls 100 times before actually walks out the door.

He was so excited about Caroline starting tennis today.

To say Caroline was not excited would be an understatement.

She wouldn't eat her breakfast because sausage and eggs would "hurt her stomach".

She settled for a big glass of orange juice and toast with grape jelly.

We all got dressed, brushed our teeth and hair.

I went to grab her racquet.  It was nowhere to be seen.

"Where is your tennis racquet?  It was right here last night."

"I don't know."

"Well, you better find it or you are just going to have to use one they have there."

She magically found it in 2 seconds flat.

We headed out the door.

Of course we had to stop so I could snap her picture before we left.

She didn't cry, she just moved really slow the whole morning.

When we got there, she hopped right out of the minivan (which I am still driving.  that's another blog post.  ugh!).

We filled out her paperwork.

She almost tuned up when lessons started and I tried to leave her.

One of her awesome coaches quickly took charge and started introducing her to everyone.

All in all, she had an awesome time.

She did really well.  She and her Dad have been practicing.

She is looking forward to Monday... as long as I stay in the minivan and watch her.

I can do that for a few more lessons right?

Water Break... 

Do you see her little ponytail over there?
So cute!
I am already googling tennis skirts ;-)

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