Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge

Even though Ryan couldn't take vacation, we had a fabulous girls trip.

No trip is complete without lots of coffee and kid hot chocolates...

After a while of driving we saw the sign...

The girls got along for the most part...
with only minor disputes.
We saw our first Williamsburg sign.

We are probably the only people that still take the ferry to Williamsburg.
We love it.
I mean, who doesn't love a ferry ride?

Big loved the ride most of all.
She stood at the very front, in the exact same spot for the entire ride.

We made it to Great Wolf Lodge.
Check-in isn't until 4pm but you can start using the waterpark at 1pm.
You need to totally take advantage of that time.
It was perfect.  We changed into our bathing suits (yes, I wore my mom suit) and didn't have to worry with our luggage just yet.  We were able to immediately begin our vacation!

Bug love the kiddie area.
I threw a life vest on her after about an hour and she went down the kiddie waterslides by herself.
Of course, I didn't get very many pictures.  We were too busy!

I got ONE picture of Big playing.
She and Anna were too busy riding waterslides that we barely saw them.
Note to parents: You will definitely need one adult per child.
2 children... you will need 2 adults.
4 children... you will need 4 adults.
It is serious.  There is no way you would be able to keep up with all of your children.

We did not eat at Great Wolf Lodge.
From my research I found that the food was super expensive and not very tasty.
I don't do bad food.

We had Uno Chicago Grill for dinner.
The girls loved it.  They got to make their own pizzas right at the table.
They even got an apron to wear!

After dinner, we rushed back to the Lodge to get our PJs on and head to story time.

I loved the antler chandeliers.  They were amazing!

Wolves everywhere...

I spy a Caroline...

I spy a Bug... 

I spy a Big and Bug together...

I forgot to take pictures of our room... of course.
Caroline got a few on her new camera but I haven't uploaded those pictures yet.
We chose the KidKamp Suite.
It was super nice.  There was a queen bed, a sleeper sofa, and bunk beds in the "KidKamp" for the children.
My kids LOVE bunk beds.
I decided on the KidKamp Suite versus the Wolf Den Suite for one reason.
KidKamp has a TV in the little room for the kids.
The Wolf Den does not.
If you want a TV for the kids, get the KidKamp Suite.
Your kids will totally love it.

Big was dying to get these hair extensions.
She got two and Bug got two.
They are super cute but are such a pain when you are brushing hair and using the flat iron.

Shopping was next on our agenda.
Williamsburg Premium Outlets are the bomb dot com.
No trip to Williamsburg would be complete without walking around colonial Williamsburg.
West Duke of Gloucester Street is amazing, right?
Look at these canvas awnings.

You know our love for The Cheese Shop.
Hands down, The Cheese Shop is the best place for lunch in Williamsburg.

Anna had a Usinger salami & cheese of French bread with spicy mustard.
She also got a peanut butter sandwich to go that I didn't get a picture of.

Caroline also had a Usinger salami & cheese of French.

Bug had a peanut butter sandwich.

We all shared this little dip from the Heavens.
This is The Cheese Shop's House Dressing.
You can never have too much of this on your sandwich.
You buy a little bag of bread ends to go with it and you are set.
Eat your little heart out.
It is to die for.

This is Mom's grilled cheese that she didn't even want.
She told me she wanted a peanut butter (my family obviously likes peanut butter, huh) and I thought she told me a grilled cheese.
Even though it wasn't what she wanted, it did not disappoint.
They used all types of cheeses and it was on Rye.

I had the Combo Sandwich which consisted of turkey and Virginia Ham.
When in Virginia, do as the Virginians do... right?
I got the combo on french bread with extra house dressing.
It was so wonderful.
The Cheese Shop is also full of crazy drinks.
Everyone else got water, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, etc.
I got this awesome glass bottled Organic Black Tea and Lemonade.
Very yummy!

The Wythe Candy Shop is right beside The Cheese Shop.

Look at all these yummies...

We brought home 6 of these...

You read that right... a chocolate covered twinkie!

The girls chowing down on strawberries.

We made a quick stop by the William and Mary bookstore for Anna to get a tshirt (it is a ritual).
We got in the car and headed back home.
Via the ferry of course... per the girls request.

Thanks to my wonderful Mom and Sister for a fabulous vacation.
Caroline had an awesome time celebrating her birthday.
Emma had an awesome time just being with the girls.
We are already planning our next trip!

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