Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No post today.

It has been a day.

Playdate/lunch date this morning.

Caroline had a breakdown.

She was tired.

She would not nap.

I cleaned the house a little.

A friend came over.

I tried to watch Tori and Dean and Harper's Island.

Caroline cried so hard that she made herself throw up everywhere.

I gave her two baths today.

It was a day...

From hell.

Someone came to look at my stove. He knows how to fix it but was out of the parts that he needs. Fabulous.

I had to cook on the electric skillet thing again.

We had steak and fresh squash.

Emma slept for about 5 minutes. So, I got to finish my dinner. Amen to that!

Caroline never did nap.

Emma napped for about an hour, total, all day... and that is it.

They were both up until about 9pm.

I'm exhausted.

It has been a day.

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