Friday, June 12, 2009

Evian Bouvier Lafone.

That is what I always wanted to name my little girl. Well, minus the Lafone. I didn't know Ryan until I was 15. Anyway, Evian Bouvier.

We did not use Evian and we did not use Bouvier.

But, man, I love Bouvier.

It sounds so... classy. (Maybe Jackie O made it sound that way?!)

"Come here, Bouvier."

"Stop that, Bouvier."

Ryan would not let up (I wouldn't settle for Frances or Fiona either) so my children have normal names.

Anyway, for Caroline's first Christmas she got a fish. (I mentioned him in yesterday's post.)

Being that she was not even 6 months old yet, we will say that I got a fish.

I decided to name him Bouvier.

I fed him.

I watched him swim.

I thought he had a good life.

That is... until he turned suicidal.

I decided to clean his hand-painted TV fish tank one day.

I wanted to give him some fresh water.

As I poured him from his TV into a cup, he jumped.

He did not land on the bathroom counter. Nope. He fell to the floor. The tile floor. He flopped around. I snatched him up and threw him in water. He swam around for a few minutes. Once back in the tank... he just floated.

Maybe he will live, I thought.

How about... nope he didn't.



Thank God Caroline was only 6 months old and doesn't remember me killing her first pet.


Rest in peace my sweet Bouvier. Your name was beautiful. We will remember you forever.

Especially since I want to name my next pet Bouvier too. {grin}


Noah's Mommy said...

ahhhhh poor bouvier....up in fishy heaven.....I have an award for you over at my place...if you'd like to snag it...

Krystyn said...

You are too funny.

You don't think it would be a jinx to use the same name again?

Jamie said...

You are so crazy girl hahah!

Midwest Mommy said...

My first thought, head injury from falling like that lady who went skiing. Poor little fishie.