Monday, June 1, 2009

Six-billion-year-old star.

We call this star the Sun.

A few months ago, I told you guys about two spots on my shoulder.

I wanted them checked and removed before going on our cruise in March.

It had been exactly 17 months since my last yearly full body check.

I was suppose to go back in October 2008 but with Emma being born in September, I couldn't make it. I had too much on my plate at the time and never made my appointment.

After calling and begging, they worked me in. It's good to know people that work in a doctors office with a two month wait time.

I hate going to these appointments. I start sweating when I pull into the parking lot. I try to lie to myself, "I am so ready for my facial treatment. Dr. J is going to make me look just like Jamie Pressly." Who am I kidding? It doesn't work. I am a wreck by the time I actually get to the window to check-in.

This visit was no different. I looked like I had been swimming by the time I made it back to the room. I had to apologize to Dr. J for my over abundance of sweat. He laughed.

Long story short... he took off the two spots on my shoulder and found another on my back.

They were exactly what I thought they were... basal cell carcinomas.

Sounds scary, right? He found 3 and in only 17 months?!

Basal cell carcinomas are the most common form of skin cancer. They are commonly found on the face, ears, neck, scalp, shoulders, and back... places with maximum sun exposure. Seldom does it spread, or metastasize.

I was lucky. I caught two of mine early and Dr. J caught the one on my back early.

He just took a razor blade and cut them off.

My reason is bringing this up? The month of May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. May is over, you say? Why, yes. Today is the first day of June. I meant to write this post all month and didn't think about it until today. Which got me thinking... every month should be skin cancer awareness month.

Get ready my friends. For the next few days, you will be seeing posts about different facts I have learned in my short 24 years. We need to educate ourselves AND our children.

Some of this stuff is interesting! Think of it as a learning experience!


Jessica said...

I cringed when I was reading that. Thank goodness they were caught!

Kari said...

I am so glad they were all caught in time! Wonderful blessing!