Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday randoms.

- Caroline stumped her toe. It was dramatic. I have no idea where she gets it from.

- I dropped the glass turn plate thing in the microwave (whatever it is called) on the kitchen for. It shattered into a million pieces. I thought it was going to cut my foot/leg off. I yelled son of a bitch SOB really loud. Being from the South it sounded more like son of a beech, though. I swept the floor twice! (Hopefully, SOB will not be Emma's first words because she looked at me like I was a nutcase when I yelled.)

- Caroline stepped on a piece of broken glass anyway. She cut her foot. I found the piece of glass. There was blood. That means, that there was dramatic crying and rolling in the floor.

- Caroline has not napped in two days.

- When she does nap, she doesn't go to bed until after 11:30pm.

- When she doesn't nap, she has a meltdown about 7:00pm. Then I give her a bath and she falls asleep immediately afterwards.

- We have decided that the meltdown is much easier to deal with than fighting her at night.

- I had my own meltdown today because of my lack of organization and space in this house. Ugh!

- Caroline calls noodles, new-news. What? I'm serious. We worked with her on saying nooDLes. She didn't get it. After five minutes or so, we gave up.

- I love Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. I didn't like Tori at first but now I really do. I also totally want to read her books.

- Speaking of books, I am still reading Eclipse. Yes, I start like a month ago. BC (before children) I would have had that book read in less than 2 days. I don't have time to tinkle, much less read. On my off time (when family sleeps) I have to watch my DVR'd shows.

- RHONJ makes me laugh. I love Tuesday nights. I am a sucker for reality TV.

- I am moving furniture this weekend so tomorrow will probably be my last post until Monday.

- No worries. Not Me! Monday will be up bright and early Monday morning.


Jamie said...

I love Tori and Dean too! I was not a big fan of hers at first either but she really grows on you! I feel like she is normal like us hehe!

Midwest Mommy said...

Ok since you broke it I can ask this, when you break it do you have to buy a whole new microwave? Where do you get the replacement, lol? I swear I have thought this question each time I have to take it out to put it in the dishwasher (which btw isn't as often as it should be).

Amy said...

i was like wtf is RHONJ? didnt take me long to figure it out though, i LOVE that show and can't wait for the finale next week! i also cant' wait till i can watch the lost footage from RHOOC (which, looking at the guide on the tv, wont be till tuesday afternoon)

shopannies said...

too funny about the first word I hope not either my granddaughter who is 9 months old and learning words fast said the word s--- the other day my daughter could not believe it. She learns words she repeats and this is the only cussword that may slip out at their house now she has picked up oh no

Haley Nicodemus said...

Weird - we just lost our little turn table too, except mine just popped while I was cooking turkey bacon. Split right in half. We haven't replaced it yet because they are $50 or more!