Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hello luvah boy.

I admitted in my Not Me! Monday post that I was in love.

My new lover?

One word for you: Nutella.

Nutella- "The Original Creamy, Chocolaty Hazelnut Spread."

Also known in my house as Heaven.

"Bring me the jar of Heaven, please."

"Would you like a dollop of Heaven on that?"

I took a picture of the inside of the jar but I am not going to post it. It will be visible proof that I really do eat it with my finger. One whole side of the jar has been wiped clean.

Try it. You will fall in love. This will make you believe in love at first sight!


Jamie said...

I have never tried this but you are making it sound so good I am going to have to get a jar the next time I go to the store!

Amy said...

yeah you can definitely see the finger scrapes in that picture. LOL i think its time i try some.

Krystyn said...

Really? Well, everybody has their thing, right? Mine is black licorice!

Haley Nicodemus said...

I've never had it!