Monday, June 15, 2009

Delish dinner.

We love cooking fresh food in the summer.

Tonight, we had a wonderful dinner!

On the menu?

Fresh dolphin/mahi-mahi (that was swimming yesterday afternoon... thanks Dad!) topped with a cucumber salsa

New potatoes with fresh red onion

The best part of this meal? I didn't have to use my stove/oven. Remember, it is broken. So, Ryan grilled tonight.

Take a look at this little plate of deliciousness.

The recipe for the cucumber salsa came from Tara over at Jimmy Choos and Tennis Shoes. I just did a little tweaking to make the recipe my own.

The final product looked like this...

Don't let the look fool you. It was delicious! We ate most of it on chips before the fish was ready. We could not stop eating it.


Well, I will share.

Cucumber Salsa

1 large cucumber- skinned and diced

2 tomatoes- diced

2 avocados- skinned and diced

1/2 red onion- diced

handful of fresh cilantro- finely chopped

garlic salt to taste

fresh lemon/lime juice to taste (I used juice from about half of a lemon)

There you have it. It is super yum-o! I would only do one thing differently. Next time, I will chopped a jalapeno for a little spice.

Don't forget the potatoes.

I am a lover of all carbs!

Ryan's parents had given us a bag of new potatoes.

We washed them and diced them.

I put them in a tinfoil packet with red onion, McCormick Broiled Steak Seasoning Salt, dots of butter, and about half of a cup of my secret ingredient... Kraft Roasted Red Pepper Italian with Parmesan dressing. Yum-o!

We put them on the grill and cooked them for about an hour and a half, flipping the packet over once during that cook time.

Hope you enjoy! If you try either recipe, let me know what you think!


Jamie said...

Yummy I am def. going to try out that recipe!

Krystyn said...

Oh, Mahi-Mahi is so delish!