Monday, June 22, 2009

She's a dinosaur.

Amy over at Makes Mom Happy brought a little piece of information to my attention:

Megan Fox and Anna have the same thumbs.

Don't believe me? Take a look:

After a little research, I have learned that this is called clubbed thumb or Brachydactyly type D.

Brachydactyly. Huh? I told her she was just part dinosaur and not to worry about it. "Are you serious, Hailey? I'm really part dinosaur?" "Be serious Anna!" "I AM serious. I'm part dinosaur?" "NO ANNA! NO!!!" Haha!

SHOUT OUT TO KRYSTYN: We are totally calling it a thoe. How cute is that?

That's all I have on Anna's thoe. Look out though! Another Anna post is coming tomorrow!


Krystyn said...

Yay for the THOE! Although, I have no idea that other people had this..and that it has a name...part dinosaur. Love it!

Kari said...

That is sooo funny!