Sunday, June 21, 2009

And all he wanted was a clean house.

Today is Father's Day.

Last week Caroline asked Ryan what he wanted for Father's Day.

"I want you to help Mommy clean the house."

Done. What an easy gift.

Each day, I have tried to do a chore to help me be ready for today. Yesterday, the house was spotless. Well, minus a load of towels that needed washing and a load of Caroline and Emma's clothes.

Today, my house is a disaster. One person can't keep a house clean when you have a grown-up AND two children working against them.

Anyway, to add to my already crappy day... we were wrapping Ryan's gifts and Caroline cut her hair. Yes. She cut her hair. I didn't know if I wanted to laugh or cry.

Then, I ran out of tape so I had to use medical tape on Ryan's gifts. Yes. Medical tape.

So for Father's Day, Ryan is getting a messy house, two gifts that are wrapped with medical tape, and a chunk of Caroline's hair.

Next year I will know not to go to all this trouble. Especially since all he asked for was a clean house!

FYI: All of this has happened this morning on top of... catching the toaster oven on fire while cooking french toast sticks... searching for wrapping paper only to give up and run to my Mom's house to steal borrow a roll... only to get there and realize that I don't have my key to her house... so I run to the dollar store to grab a roll with two kids still in their PJs. What is even more sad about this morning? We haven't even seen Ryan yet. He left before we woke up to finish laying sod at a house that he is landscaping.

(Don't you wish you lived with us... for just one day?)


Ok. I'm off to stuff things into cabinets and drawers before Ryan gets home! Ha!


Krystyn said...

Oh my goodness....are you ready to laugh yet, because that is hilarious.

What a morning.

Hope he likes his gifts!

Jamie said...

I guess it is bound to happen sometime!

Amy said...

her hair isnt that bad

Gavin and Family said...

I love your blog and your children are so cute.

LINDSEE said...
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kiddiescorner said...

I agree her hair isn' tthat bad. I just found your blog browsing so wanted to stop and say hello. Hope your day is better today!