Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jerkfaces unite.

A can of Pepsi fell over into the passenger seat this morning.

"Clean that up as soon as we get home," I told myself.

Yeah, well... I forgot. I just remembered about 2 minutes ago.

I sat in the Pepsi 4 hours ago. 4 HOURS AGO!

In white shorts.

Jerkface Ryan bounces down the stairs, "You have something on your ass butt."

"What? Where? What is it?"

"Something. On your ass butt. Your shorts are really dirty."

"I mean can you point to it for me. Where? Where the hell is it?"

Points to the air. "Right there."


Because I was totally looking on the wrong butt cheek.

He finally points to the actual spot on my actual butt.


"Well, you know... umm, I saw it at the church and thought that it was too late. There was nothing you could do about it then so I just didn't say anything."

"Why wouldn't you just tell me? I could have made sure my shirt was pulled down over it at least."

Shrugs his shoulders.

The worst part, we went out to lunch afterwards. I am assuming that my Mom and Nana saw it on my butt too and just failed to tell me. I mean come on people help a sister out!

So, if you saw a crazy girl with two children and a husband who lives in lala land out and about today (at a preschool program- walking to the front of the church to take pictures) (at a local dark pizza place walking around fixing salads) with Pepsi on her ass butt, ignore her. She was flustered and had no idea that there was anything on her. Her husband who lives in lala land thought it was "too late" to tell her. Jerkface.


Kari said...

NICE!! Just so you know, I would have told you! :) sure that doesn't help you now, but nice to know, right!?

Jewel said...

Hahaha...I know I keep checking out my own butt whenever I wear white pants or shorts. Drives me insane.

Haley Nicodemus said...

I would have told you...