Thursday, May 21, 2009

Double jogger strollers suck.

Meet my first true love.

Ryan says that this is my Mercedes.

Meet the mack daddy of all single jogger strollers known to man.

In the beginning, I was worried.

"JEEP? Really? I want a Phil & Ted's Bumbleride $800 stroller that I can't afford. I drive a freaking Jeep. I don't want to push a Jeep stroller."

I searched.

I found it.

I cried (I can sometimes get things by doing this).

This was it. This was the stroller I had to have.

A couple of hundred dollars later and this became my first mothers day gift. Mothers Day 2007 was fabulous.

I now have a problem. It is 2009 and I need a double jogger. Being that I have two kids, I need two seats. It is awful pushing Caroline in the stroller and wearing Emma at the same time. Talk about a work out. I should look like Marisa Miller (but I don't).

Anyway, back to the point. A double jogger.



Nothing compares to my Jeep Jogger.

Reasons why this stroller is the best:

1. It has Music on the Move. Meaning, I can totally hook my hand-me-down ghetto iPod to it and play music through speakers attached to the stroller. Caroline enjoys the music just as much as I do. Caroline and I have been known to bust a move or two on our walks.

2. This fabulous stroller came complete with a trusty little hand air pump and a weather shield. I have never used either one but it is nice to know that I have them.

3. How about it has a speed and distance odometer. Not only do you know how long you have been walking and how far, you know how fast you are going. It helps you to keep a steady pace (until you decide to bust a move to Prince's Kiss in the middle of the street).

4. It has two cup holders for me. This is nice because I can put my keys in one and my cellular device in the other. Don't you worry though. There are more places for my water. It has a handy dandy water bottle holder in the cargo netting that is somewhat attached to the back of Caroline's seat. Caroline's drink you ask? How about she has her very own cup holder AND snack tray!

So now, I need a double jogger that does all the same things as my trusty Jeep. I need this exact same stroller but just a double. I will love you forever and always if you find it for me. I have looked. I am over it. I am about to give up my search for the ultimate double jogger. Please help me!


Krystyn said...

Our double is the City Mini Double by Baby Jogger. It's not really ideal for jogging, but they have one that is. I haven't tried it, and I don't think it has all of the bells and whistles you desire.

Kari said...

Oh wow! I can see why you love it!!! My stroller is a jeep, too. But, it isn't a jogger. I like it well enough, besides it was FREE!!! I tried searching for some joggers for you...try NexTag, if you haven't already. Hope you can find one!!

Heather said...

Hey! I don't know much about double strollers but my friend Amanda has Phil and Ted's dash. She said she loves it!

Good Luck!
Heather Rouse

The Main Ladybug said...

Love your blog! Love Caroline's wings too!

Come see my new grandbaby (come on, humor a proud Nana)!!

Good luck with your stroller search!

Neila said...

Hi Hailey! I'm Ellen's sister in law and I am also searching for the ultimate double jogger. I have become borderline obsessed at times and then had to stop. I go weak in the knees at the site of a phil and teds. I was all about the schwinn free roller for a while, but I want yellow and I can't find it in yellow. Let us know what you fine!