Monday, May 11, 2009

This week...

What you have to look forward to this week...

- Not Me! Monday

- My Mothers Day

- Jesus' side job

- Anacondas

- Lord forbid she have to wait

- Where Caroline gets her potty mouth

- CSI: Hailey's Car (We may or may not have killed an animal. Wait and see, my friends. Wait and see.)

But first, I must clean this house. I took the weekend off. I washed no clothes. My dishwasher is so full it might explode. Caroline dropped a cup of milk on the floor and a cup of Kool-Aid yesterday. A kitchen floor mopping is in order. Today I must clean. Tonight, I will get my posts up and ready.

PS- I'm reading New Moon. Yes, I know that I am a tad bit late. I read Twlight over a year ago. Anyway, I am disappointed. Was anyone else disappointed in this book? I am only half way through it so don't give me any details. I miss Edward though. It is boring without him.


Krystyn said...

Can't wait to read them.

Have fun mopping.

And, Twilight was definitely the best of the series.

Mira said...

Keep reading. It. Gets. So. Much. Better.

Emily said...

second book is my least favorite first and fourth are my favs:)

Sara said...

I missed Edward in the second one too... The first one was the best.