Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hammers and nails and fishy tails...

... that's what little boys are made of.


They are wired differently.

They can't help it.

I love to see how the actions of little boys and girls differ.

Exhibit A:

What? Is that a fish, you ask? Why, yes. Yes it is. Is it nailed to the dock, you ask? Why, yes. Yes it is.

First he caught it.

Then he put it under the bucket. Not in the bucket. UNDER the bucket.

He said it was "drying out."

He then found a hammer and nail.

He nailed it to the dock post.

That, my friends, is the difference between boys and girls.

Thank God I have girls.

I'll take dress up clothes over dead fish nailed to a post any day.


Wendi said...

I don't get boys either.
Of course I also don't get fishing.
My husband sometimes has his BIG fish petrified and stapled to a large piece of drift wood.
He calls it "wall art".
I call it:
"itbetterhangonawallinyouroffice" art.
I will let you in on a little secret though.
Little boys are soooo much easier than little girls.
But don't tell my girl that.;)

Amy and her little family said...

Thank you for following me!

Check out my latest post! http://swagstudio.blogspot.com/2009/05/blog-post.html

Emily said...

oh my goodnesss.. thank goodness I have girls too:) Well two girl dogs and one lil girl on the way!! this post made me smile:) Ive missed reading your blog! Im back in action...

Krystyn said...

Oh yikes! You are making me so thankful for my girls, too!

Kari said...

God sure knows what we can handle, doesn't he!? That's why I have girls!! I DON'T do the boy stuff!! Too funny about that fish though!