Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We fight over stupid stuff and SHE wins.

We fought.

Then she did it.

She looked at me. Rolled her eyes. She said, "Woser," under her breath.

We all know that she meant "LOSER".

She is TWO (almost three) and is already calling me a loser. My guess is that she has heard me call her father this name before... so don't ask me where she learned the word.

Now, I am just waiting for her to add the ridiculous hand gesture (a L made with your thumb and pointer finger) that sits on her forehead.

Dear God, please watch over me. I think I am in for a wild ride.


Krystyn said...

No she didn't!

Emily said...

OH NO!!! She is lil miss thang:)
hang in there friend! If she is almost three then the terrible twos are almost over.. right?;)

Kari said...

Wow! Just wow.