Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jesus' side job.

Did you know Jesus had a side job? Well, according to Caroline he does.

Laying in bed... bedtime... storming outside.

H: "We have to be still and be quiet because Jesus is working."

C: Ponders this for a moment. "Jesus working?"

H: "Yep. He is making it rain so that the grass and flowers and tomatoes will grow."

C: Thinks a little more.

H: "Hear the thunder? He is doing that too. See this lightning? He is doing that too!"

C: Still thinking. "Jesus on the computer?"

H: "Maybe."

That's all I had. I didn't know how to answer. So, in case you were ever wondering about what else Jesus does... Jesus works on the computer.


Krystyn said...

I think she gets it..Jesus is everywhere!

Emily said...

soo stinking cute:) i love caroline convos!