Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Celeb Babies

Y'all know my obession with crazy names.

I admitted to you that when I was growing up I told people my child was going to be named Evian Bouvier.

Thank God that didn't happen.

Keep in mind that the name Bouvier is still super awesome!

Anyway, have you heard about Jack Osbourne's new baby?

Pearl Clementine.



How great is that name?

So awesome!

My dog's middle name is Pearl.  I love that name so much!

And let's talk about Jessica Simpson finally popping out that kid 12 months later.

Maxwell Drew.



Then there's Rebecca Woolf at Girl's Gone Child.

She has Archer, Fable, Boheme (who they call Bo) and Reverie (who they call Revi).

These names are amazing!

Milla Jovovich and Alanis Morissette both have babies named Ever.

Ever is by far my most favorite name on the planet.

I also love Henley (as in Don Henley) and Callaway (as in the gold club).

Good thing we aren't going to have anymore babes.

They might be named Henley Pearl Clementine Maxwell Drew Ever Callaway Bouvier Lafone.

Ryan thinks I am nuts.

Then, I remind him that he prefers names like Fiona and Frances.

What cool names do you like?

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