Thursday, May 17, 2012


Do you remember when I was attacked by the chicken?

Animals are not my strong suit.

I love my Zoey Pearl but chickens, birds, squirrels, etc. are not my favorite.

Anyway, my MIL got a geranium for my front porch.  I love it.

I have worked extra hard at keeping it alive.

I water it everyday.

Move it into the morning sun and then move it out of the afternoon sun.

The other morning, I went out to water it.

I stuck the water hose down in the plant as close to the dirt as possible.

I wasn't paying any attention really.

Something hit my hand.

I screamed.

I just knew it was a snake... or a bat... or a chicken!

No, it was a tree frog.

It was a HUGE yellow eyed, green tree frog.

I swear it wanted to attack.

I think it had negative feelings towards me because I am pretty sure I tried to drown it.

Get this, even after I screamed... no one came out of the house to check on me.

Thanks family of mine.

I calmed myself and then brought everyone outside to see the attacker.

Don't let his pretty color fool you.

He was vicious.

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