Monday, May 7, 2012

the post where i write in all lowercase because i don't like writing about this

i am going to tell you a secret.

it is a secret that i said i wouldn't tell anyone.

i am embarrassed and a little ashamed that i've done it and enjoyed it.

i have read the first two fifty shades books.

i have read fifty shades of grey (book one).

it should have been titled "fifty shades of red" or "fifty other titles to tell your husband when we asks what you are reading on the kindle".

i swore to myself that i would not read the other two books.

psh!  i was wrong.

the first one ends so oddly that it leaves you hanging.

you need more.

it is like a drug.

you read book two, fifty shades darker.

that is what it is... darker.

i haven't bought book three yet.

i felt that spending $20 on two such books was enough for one week.

when you read them, you feel like you are doing something wrong.

my nana always said, if you feel like you are doing something wrong... you are.


i'm going to hell.

i have read porn trash.

i enjoyed the books.

i guess i will read the third book now.

afterwards i will read something religious and beg for forgiveness.

someone make me feel better.

please tell me someone else has read these books and felt bad about it.


Sara Dawson said...

I'm on book two. And I'm not ashamed to admit that I sort of love Christian Grey. There. I said it. I'll be joining you in hell.

Laters, baby.

Hahahaha :)

Ashley said...

Guilty, right here! I've kept it a secret too. But with all the daytime tv that I've been watching, that is all they talk about is that book. I had to see what all the fuss was about. I'm sure I'll read the 2nd and 3rd too :)

Neila said...

OK, I didn't know you were blogging again, good to have you back. I read all three in about a week. Couldn't. Put. Them. Down.