Monday, May 14, 2012

Girls Night Out

Chick-fil-a had GNO.

NOT that kind of GNO.

There was no alcohol or cuss words involved.

It was a mother/daughter date night of sorts.

Of course, I signed us up.

Why not?

It will be good bonding time.

I took the girls... by myself.

This is no small feat.


I was determined to keep my shit together and not freak out over the little stuff.

We get there and Chick-fil-a was decked out.

Flowers on the table.

Candles on the table.

Table cloths on the table.

Let's just say, we sat down and within the first 5 minutes our purple flower was no longer with us.  It was just a green stem.

We had a server take our order.

We had free dessert.

We had photos in a photo booth.

Dear sweet baby Jesus.

This is why I love my children.

Check out Emma face in the last one.  (ignore my horrid protruding chin.  gross.)

Of course, both girls were totally sketched out when I tried to make them go inside.

Afterwards, they wanted to go over and over and over again.


Of course I was a terrible mother and said no.  The line was getting long and others wanted their pictures made.

All in all, I kept my shit together and shall mark this off as a "freaking awesome GNO" (from the mouths of babes).

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Katie said...

This is why I love Chick-fil-A. Seriously. What other fast food place would do something like this? Of course, they had me at the chicken sandwich . . . and the employees all saying, "My pleasure," anytime you say thank you. Looks like you had a blast with your girls. You're a great mommy!