Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday New Favs

Sorry that I skipped a day of blogging.

My brain was hurting.

Back to the grind.

Today is favorites day.

I wanted to share two of my new favorite things.

Don't get too excited though.

Favorite item number one:

This little 8oz can is my new best friend.

I refuse to look up the calories.

It is 8 ounces of yumminess over ice.

It is a margarita made with Bud Light Lime instead of tequila.

Now, I do love tequila but my stomach does not.

I have never been a big fan of beer but this is more than beer.

This is a margarita with carbonation.

Good gracious!  Go buy a 12 pack today.  You will thank me later.

Favorite item number two:

Hot & Spicy Claussen pickles.

Here again, I am not a big fan of a pickle.

It is not something I walk to the refrigerator and eat because I am craving them.

Every now and again, I will take a bite of pickle with a sandwich.

Otherwise, you will not see me eating one.

That was until my husband bought these things.

Talk about yummy.

Pickles with a kick.

That first bite might take your breath away so have a drink near by.

Sooooo good.


So, what are some of your new favorite things??

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