Friday, May 4, 2012

Catch Up

So, let's play catch up.

We will start with Bug.

She is almost done with school.  Her last day is the 24th.  This school year has seemed to fly by.  It is kind of sad but we are all excited for summer.

She is still not talking at school.  She has also taken it to the extreme and is no longer tee-teeing at school.  Her reason??  She doesn't want anyone to hear her.

At times I think she may have selective mutism however at other times I think she is just being a controlling nutjob.

She'll figure it out.

We are shooting for her to just say ONE word before the end of the year.

Fingers crossed!

On to Caroline.

She is still enjoying school.

We went through a spell where she wasn't doing so hot on AR tests.  We had a come to Jesus meeting and she has made 100s ever since.

She wants to start playing tennis this summer.

This is a big step for her.  She is my clingy child.

She is the child with SAHM syndrome.

She hates for me to leave her anywhere... youth group, group lessons, etc.

Caroline is also in the "hate" stage of her life.

She hates everything... me included.



It hurt a little the first few times she screamed "I HATE YOU!  YOU ARE THE WORST MOM EVERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!"

We are slowly getting her out of the habit of using the H word.

A little pop on the cheek does the trick.

On to Ryan.

Everything is the same with hubs.

We celebrated our 6 year anniversary on April 21st.

He decided he wanted just us to go to the beach with no children.

We did.

It was wonderful.

We ate, ate, and ate.

We have soooo missed our favorite beach restaurants.

Friday night we had a late dinner at Ruddy Duck.

We both wanted the same thing... grilled mahi tacos complete with black beans, rice, sour cream, pico and Caribbean slaw.  Their Caribbean slaw is to DIE for!!

Of course, I have the best hubs in the world and he let me get the mahi tacos.

He had his favorite... Jambalaya.  It never disappoints.  It is the most amazing Jambalaya we have ever had.

I starved myself all day Saturday so that I could have a bomb dot com dinner Saturday night.

We had reservations at Front Street Grill at Stillwater in Beaufort.

We laid on the beach for most of the day which was awesome.  I bought a cute little juice box of wine.  Best invention EVER!

Of course, Walgreens did not have a big selection so I was stuck drinking pinot grigio.  It was pretty good though.

Our dinner at Front Street was good.

Being in Beaufort makes me happy.

I love the feel of the little town.

Everyone is so down to earth and super nice.

I found SkinnyGirl White Cranberry Cosmo while we were down there.

Super yum!

Do yourself a favor and grab some.

Of the margarita, sangria, and cosmo... the Margarita is still my favorite.

Speaking of me...

I am doing good too.

I started a diet January 9th.

It was a terrible journey in the beginning but I have made my way.

I am currently at 23 lbs. of weight loss.

I feel so much better.

I no longer drink any soft drinks.  I will have a little here and there but I mostly drink water.

I have also cut back my alcohol intake.

Drinking a bottle of Black River Red every night is not very good for you.  Whoops!

I wish I had taken before and after pictures.

I am still walking and toning.

I am super proud of myself.

So that is catch-up for us.

Hope you all are doing well too!!

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