Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day from hell.

January is almost over and February is upon us.

I miss blogging.

Days like today make me miss blogging.

I need a break from being a mom for a few minutes.

As I type, Bug is standing beside me...

"Are these for Halloween, Mom?"

"Yes, Bug.  Those are Halloween tights.  Please go put them away so we don't lose them."

"MOM, these are for Halloween?"





tapping arm... "MOM!!!"

I am changing my name to Anastasia Beaverhausen.

Brownie points to whoever can guess what show that is from... WITHOUT googling ;-)


Rachae and Janelle said...

Ok -I don't know what that is from, but the "Mom, Mom.... Mommy... Momma.." sounds familiar! :) I know exactly what that sounds like all day.

“become an official follower of our blog to be included in a prize drawing on 2/3/12”

Amanda said...

So glad you blogged!! I'm sitting at my computer thinking the same thing. If I hear "mom, i'm hungry" one more time (after they ate dinner and a night snack) I'm going to screamm!!!

That is so from will and grace at least i'm 99% sure...Love Megan Mullaly (sp?)

Kari said...

I agree with Megan, Has to be Will & Grace!!

I miss blogging, as well. I should cut out some time to start it up again!